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The Last of the Sunrays
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Vince,Ricky,Eddy,Marty (Byran not pictured)

Eddys Band 2nd Childhood

Byrans Bandvwith Henry Vestine (Canned Heat)

Vinces Band


The Sunrays End Was Near


It was 1969 and we were all in college.  We had several chart records which were not big hits.  Murray had us record a song titled "Still."   This would have been our third hit single. It had been recorded by several other artists.   It had a corny country western flavor.  Murry and his wife, Audry, had an argument.  Recording this song was a make-up letter to her.   After that we released 8 singles and it was very difficult for us to reach the top of the charts again.  Vince got drafted into the army.  He was replaced by Mickey Rooney, Jr.  Yes, Mickey Rooney's senior son.   Ricky wanted to pursue a solo career.  Murray stopped going on the road with us to help promote all of singles.   We were all getting tired. We went from playing the Hollywood Bowl to back entertaining in bars.   We made the full circle.   We were all still attending college through all of this.  Marty and I started recording for Mike Curb.  We put an album out under the name "Heaven Bound." on MGM label.   My wife, Joann, sang lead.   Tony Scotti produced it along with Micheal Lloyd.   James Burton played guitar with me on this session.  He was a great musican.   We had several hits.  That's another story.  Now it is 2002 and I just recently finished writing and recording 31 songs with Feddy Boom Boom Cannon.  I also just retired from Walt Disney Records after 30 years as Director of National Sales.  I am also a consultant for a company called Direct Source, and I am doing extra work in the movies and TV.  I have an art degree. I am doing some paintings which are for sale.  I have had several showings.  I have a beautiful wife, Joann (song "Joann" on the Sunray album) my daughter, Nicole and my son, Christopher.  Life is grand.  "You are only as good as your last hit record."

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